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Reported by Michael Aronson 09-01-2007

It's the hottest thing you might not pronounce correctly. With over $125 million in sales in 2006 alone, the Japanese word for comics known as “manga” is a major hit with American teens and tweens as well as adults. It’s also one of the fastest growing genres in American publishing and a widely popular comics category. Tyndale House Publishers is pleased to release an authentic manga series starting with Manga Messiah in September 2007 as well as the Manga Bible in November 2007.

Offering an eye-catching rendition of the Gospels, Manga Messiah combines cutting-edge art with a fast-paced story to deliver biblical truths in a compelling and relevant way, targeting those that might not have interest in reading a traditional Bible. Features of Manga Messiah that provide context of the four gospels include illustrated character profiles and family trees of key Biblical characters, as well as maps of Galilee, Samaria and Judea.

Manga Messiah contrasts with secular manga and also stands out in the Christian marketplace. Unlike general market manga, which may reveal a Shintoist influence or contain erotic elements, Manga Messiah offers positive content with accurate Biblical messages. And unlike the “manga-style” art offered in other books in the Christian market, Manga Messiah features art made by some of Japan’s most popular manga artists.

“We’re thrilled to offer the greatest story ever told, about the most controversial man who ever lived, in the most popular graphic novel format on earth,” explains Kevin O’Brien, Director of Bibles and Bible Reference at Tyndale House Publishers.

Four additional titles in Tyndale’s manga series will roll out in four consecutive years. Fans can look forward to Manga Mutiny (Fall 2008), Manga Metamorphosis (Fall 2009), Manga Malech (Fall 2010), and Manga Messengers (Fall 2011).

Tyndale House Publishers has purchased exclusive English language rights for all of the titles in the manga series from NEXT Inc., a nonprofit corporation formed in 2006 to produce and distribute biblically based manga materials worldwide. Behind NEXT is a group of dedicated professionals with years of experience in Japanese printing and publishing. For additional information, please see
Manga Messiah[/b]
978-1-4143-1680-2, 5 ½ x 8 ¼ , 288 pages
Softcover, $12.99, September 2007

In November 2007, Tyndale House Publishers will release the Manga Bible. This New Living Translation SlimLine edition features three 32 page four-color manga tip-ins designed to give the overview of the narrative sections of the Bible and encourage readers to delve in and read it for themselves. While targeting the tween/teen market, the Manga Bible may appeal to comic lovers of all ages.
Manga Bible[/b]
978-1-4143-1679-6, 5 5/16 x 7 5/8, 1098 pages with three 32 pg. tip-ins
NLT SlimLine Edition, sale price $14.97 (reg. $19.99), November 2007

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