Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shadow hearts covenant art

cute shadow heart 'CHIBI'. you guys should play this game, it's very artistic one !

Ghost from cemetry

Ghost from cemetry, hmm... i like this series, i actually don't know when will michiru make this one as a manga !, i will try to ask her !

Trio bunny and Weird Whirly

TRIO bunny arts

Weird Whirly arts

Try to check our wallpaper section , you can find wallpapers of these weird whirly ! enjoy

Shikamaru love letter

shikamaru got his first love letter from temari ! hehehe.... she is hiding behind the tree

Konoha Alchemist

a spin over of two famous anime, naruto and FMA they exchange costume !

Star heroes

star heroes cute character. check this out !


Michiru's is busy with her school !

Michiru's pet detective

michiru said to once that she wanted to be sketched in form of a cute character, and then she finally drew it. so basically these picture resembles michiru and her friends. I think they are just like pet detective !

Random creature

these picture are random sketch, michiru really likes random sketch, but when she is preoccupied on something, her sketch will be related to that thing !

Peruyan's family

veronika's family i think, hmmm i will ask michiru about this


A cute little witch, nice works

Persona Character gallery 2

Continued from before. enjoy. and i hope that after you look at these picture, you get curious with persona and shin megatensei series, believe me, We recommend that SAGA

Persona Character gallery 1

Persona 3 is totally ROCKS !!!! this sentational and controversial game has just accepted in us and uk ! congratulation ATLUS

Room decoration sketch !

These room sketch inspired by Sandy's house from Spongebob squarepants series. Who knows, I can create an adventure game with michiru's artworks...JUST WAIT ~!

Funny Hybrid artworks

A lot of funny creature in funny Hybrid series, actually you can see our wallpaper section to check a funny hybrid cute colorful wallpaper. enjoy

Fantastic swirdle new arts

fantastic swirdle is one of michiru's old artwork, just give her a lot of time to make this one into manga series ! hehe.. keep up the good work michiru ! support us ANIMEGAMECOMICAW

Crazy coral

crazy coral creature. hmm very creepy creature. michiru's arts

Costume mania

A cute drawing of costume. inspired by geppeto's doll in shadow hearts covenant game