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BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo anime review

BoBoBo-Bo BoBo-Bo Volume 1

By David Rasmussen

Slightly maniac depressive? Don’t mind something over the top parody wise that actually makes Excel Saga seem normal and well adjusted in comparison? Want a good laugh? Bobbobobobo… whatever… might do just that. How can you tell what this title is if I am not entirely sure that I spelled it right?

Here’s a hint. It’s another Shonen Jump related title, and there’s a big frigging guy who looks like the illegitimate offspring of Johnny Bravo and a bad Japanese stereotype of a large beefy guy with a bad seventy’s hairstyle as the star (we’ll call him Bo for short).

It’s the 30th Century and the world is enslaved by bald people who seem to have bought most of their uniforms from a Toriyama DBZ armor sale. The main guy who leads these chromedomes wants to make the world bald, but as long as people like the big beefy (maybe a distant relation of Osaka and that guy from Fist of the North Star) star of this title, Bo, is around… parody laced hillarity will ensue.

As the series starts young Beauty (the only main female star of the series at this point) has just saw an entire spare DBZ backdrop village lose it’s hair, and she would have been next if Bo didn’t intervene and beat them with his magic nose hair… yes, I just said magic nose hair. After a confusing theatrical presentation of his origins (this is one of the many gags that must make at least one appearance in each episode including “What does Bo have hidden in his hair” gag, the “nobody translated the Japanese text so everyone can mock the fact that everything is written in Japanese” gag, and at least a dozen anime/manga/pop culture parodies per episode) including how a young Bo learned that… shh… he can talk to hair folicles… and how Bo’s hairball dad sold him out to the bad guys, Bo walks off into the dust to fight another major fortress boss of the bald people… which leads to a long parody filled fight.

At the end of the episode Beauty joins forces with Bo, and pickle is kicked to the curb.

Who is pickle? Why is it a talking pickle? Why did Bo hate him so? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

After that Bo and Beauty run into trouble as they run afoul of a weird group of mini Poke’mon slash Digimon slash Monster Rancher reject creatures (one creature cloned ad nauseum), another fashion victim from another Anime and… oh… the talking sun thing that sways between insanity, inappropriate affections and madness named Don Pardo… I think. I wasn’t paying too much to it because it’s half disturbing.

After a long struggle, a duel themed to the topic of tales told to a Christmas theme (including the ills of churro promotion gone wrong… EAT THE DAMN CHURRO… and whatever Bo did), the kidnapping of Beauty (she’s saved in the end by someone who isn’t Bo), and a battle which leads to the produce-ification of Bo and a blind date from hell… the episode ends (Episode 2).

After that Bo and Beauty go to a festival and Bo goes crazy, making everyone in the festival hate him. It doesn’t help that later Beauty runs into a beefy near naked crazy dude with a duck undies on his head… which turns out to be a living duck that is the product of the insane mating between a duck and female panties… isn’t that illegal in all 50 states and the sooner or later 51st State of Mexico? I think so.

The DVD ends with Bo crashing Don Pardo’s graduation from some high school and once again hilarity ensues… as does much parodying.

Basically what you see is what you get.

If you don’t mind over the top acting, over the top writing, and over the top visual puns that (thanks to this uncut version) might actually be more disturbing than even Excel Saga then this is for you.

If you are too serious and hardcore about the “perfection” of Anime then you won’t want this, it’s for those who don’t mind a good laugh (or just a laugh period if you begin to realize the same puns spun in different ways keep popping up over and over again) then this might be for you.

Oh, it’s OK for the most part. Animation is nice and well done, the story is downright weird and (yes especially in light of the uncut version) makes what I saw in Excel Saga seem rather well adjusted and normal in comparison. Oh, and for some reason the episodes just seem to drag on forever… must be because of the added-back in uncut content.

So if you want a good laugh, or just to laugh period, Bo may indeed know you well.

Bobobobob… WHATEVER!! BoBoBo-Bo… or was it Bo-BoBoBo… BoBo-Bo?

It gets 4... (spacey expression, hands up) wig out…wig out…wig out… wig out… out of 5... Wig out… wig out… wig out… wig out… wig out… (zzzzzz….)

-- David Rasmussen 29th Jul 07

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Venus Versus Virus manga review

Venus Versus Virus Volume 1

By David Rasmussen
14th Sep 07
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Not since that weird (bleep) kid who did that movie with Bruce Willis where he said “I see dead people.” (which inspired the oh god it’ll never end endless car ad series where the even creepier kid whispers “Zoom Zoom”) has seeing dead people been as creepy as when Sumire Takahana saw dead people… I mean “Viruses”. Not the same “Viruses” as the one in that manga with the alien virus that became… wasn’t it a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis or something?

Well, forget that (I wish I could). This virus is ghosts.
However a chance discovery of a locket (which turns out to be the property of the gothic gal coming up in the next sentence) that cuts Sumire suddenly gives her the ability to see hostile (yet strangely stereotypical in appearance) ghosts (Viruses). This leads to her being saved by a rather flamboyant (and money grubbing) “Gothic Lolita-clad” (which means it’s kinda sorta maybe kinky but only after the costume has been modified… yeah, that way) monster hunting gal named Lucia Nahashia.
She saves Sumire, then promptly bills her and threatens to curse her is she doesn’t show up and pay the bill.
Sounds like a good relationship is about to begin… right?

Now that Sumire can see these hostile “viruses” she’s going to be asked to join forces with Lucia to help with the quest to stop evil viruses… and threatening her with a over half million yen bill kinda serves as good “incentive” to get Sumire to jump onto the monster hunting bandwagon.

Doesn’t help any that the first job (which puts Sumire’s friends in danger) nearly gets Sumire “killed” (as she is shot by Lucia’s normally harmless against normal humans “toy” gun) only for that shot to bring about a “change” in Sumire which sparks an “changed” personality in her which “helps” her get rid of the Virus rather easily (bloodily). Looks like the job of “virus” hunting, like the mafia, is one that (once it got it’s grip on Sumire) grabs tight and refuses to let go. Maybe the next mission will get her swinging on the whole virus hunting thing full throttle… but only you can find that out yourself.

Strangely satisfactory (despite the fact it is abit formulatic in the set up and follow through to keep Sumire in the mix), with a nice artistic style and I liked the overall feel (even if it’s yet another monster hunter slam bang title). The writing, character development (Sumire and Lucia especially as an “Odd Couple“ team), and the second mission really pull this one through for me and makes me like it more than worry about my few dislikes about the read. It is abit offkilter for being abit formulatic, and I think we’ve seen this before but it still reads nicely overall (and I hope next volume continues to be as well received as this one).
Venus Versus Virus struggles against the encroaching darkness, and gets 4 “Zoom Zoom”s out of 5.

-- David Rasmussen 14th Sep 07

source : animeboredom

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Dante Devil may cry 4 Smoke trailer ps3

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Death Note Confirmed to Air on Adult Swim October 20

Death note premiere in Adult Swim network united states will be on october 20 12:00 am. The network had previously posted a television schedule with that timeslot's program title blacked out, but also broadly hinted that it would be Death Note. Adult Swim sub-licensed the series from Viz Media, which also releases the original manga series. The Viz Pictures live-action film affiliate will Release the two live-action films.

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