Monday, November 17, 2008


Minato plays harmonica besides Aigis, aigis looks very interested with the harmonica tunes. Minato can play harmonica quite good!

Aigis Set 1

Here they are a set of Aigis sketch by michi. have a look 
From up to bottom

- Chibi Aigis in normal clothes
- Aigis in highschool uniform
- Aigis in highschool uniform 2, her eyes is so beautiful

Yukari the cute nurse of gekkoukan

yukari plays role of a cute and adorable nurse. she said " I will take care of you". i wanna be the patient then !

Happy life of Ryouji

this guys Ryouji looks very happy about life. 

let's sing together, la la la la love song........................ !

Compete Again each other

Jack Frost and Aigis compete each other to get Minato which is listening to his beloved mp3. Minato remain calm and cool just like the usual. what a hard fight.wew!

Dangerous Execution

Mitsuru threaten to make the execution of akihiko, and can be seen that akihiko appear terrified and pale, poor and pity akihiko

The Mysterious Couples

the relationship between the Minato and aigis in persona 3,is enough to make confusion, does this relationship really exist? michi try to describe the relationship of this mysterious couples.. haha

Michiru(Widya) and Michi

Okay, on the left is me Widya, you can call me Michiru and on the right side is Michi, i always like to draw myself in an animal form, just another part of my cute self "A cat".

Sometimes people needs to have an alias just to make the world more creative!hehe

Minato with mp3 player

Mp3 Player has become a phenomenon culture nowadays, you can see it almost everywhere

hehe.. even in the game world like this one.. welcome to the newdays

fuuka in gekkoukan uniform, kind of cute!

Fuuka in kebaya

Here it is, Fuuka wears "Kebaya", Indonesian's Javanese Traditional clothing. Kind of charming on her. Fuuka looks so polite on this Kebaya 

This is Akihiko from Persona 3 (Michiru's comment! XD)... my friend asked me to draw chibi akihiko... and here we go... he's wearing his junior uniform.

Ai chan

Ai chan is so cute and adorable , what does she reads anyways?

Two girls

Two girls from persona 3,  i forgot their name, but you can make a social link with these cute girls... hehehe