Thursday, February 18, 2010

The First and the Last

Hi guys! Michiru's here!
It's been almost half a year since the last time we updated this journal ^^;;

Happy Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and Valentine day! we know we miss a lot.. OTL

I just want to tell you that finally I have my own blog! ^^
I ALWAYS post pics there, so if you want to keep in touch, just visit

Why do we tell this, you ask?
Because my bro seems vry busy and seems kinda given up on this blog, and he told me to take care of this blog...
well, I think remake this blog from scratch will be a pain in th neck, so that's why I told you my blog earlier .. that means this blog will probably be abandoned 4eva *shot

I also have a deviantart account :

So, feel free to visit those!!

Thank you vry much for reading *A*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bush Shoe Incident Parody

BAGHDAD — President Bush made a valedictory visit on Sunday to Iraq, the country that will largely define his legacy, but the trip will more likely be remembered for the unscripted moment when an Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes at Mr. Bush’s head and denounced him on live television as a “dog” who had delivered death and sorrow here from nearly six years of war.

AnimegamecomicAW try to create a parody of this incident. No offense though.

picture are courtesy of APTN/Associated Press edited by AnimegamecomicAW

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Promotion Video AnimegamecomicAW

Hi guys, this is our promotion video for AnimegamecomicAW
Please Enjoy and Share it with all of your friends.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Chie is Fishing

This is Chie,She is fishing in this picture. Actually from all of other characters in persona 4, I like Chie, she's so cool in the game, a little bit masculine and yet cute. She's wearing a long green trainer jacket. And to tell you the truth, I like the orange theme for persona 4 game on ps2. so enjoy, and sorry for the late post this week, kind a little bit busy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sketch Wallpaper

Hi everyone, it's me again (Ash), this time I present you .... tada tiny wallpaper, you can see that this wallpaper is not really a wallpaper actually, This picture is created by Me using Michiru's drawing and sketch for my promotion video of AnimegamecomicAW on youtube
I will post the video on the blog next time. As you can see that the wallpaper skecth are from persona's character and michiru's original character, enjoy it

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elizabeth and her cute Cat

This is a picture of elizabeth and her cat,i think the cat is just michiru's own character,Elizabeth is a guardian of another dimensional world called "Velvet Room" in Persona 3, this is the place where your character is between the border of reality and unreality. Elizabeth really make you confuse by giving you a lot of task. Well that's what an rpg game is all about.

Monday, December 1, 2008

BABLEVONYA, Michiru's own persona form

This is a picture of a persona, but instead coming from the game, this one is purely michiru's own persona that she created herself and she called it "BABLEVONYA", it has two wings in it's ear and she hold a magic wand. quite scary I think, but cool.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Come On! Wallpaper

Oh come on ! is a wallpaper that I created using an anime character that I found somewhere, Oh yeah, I found it from, then I mix it with a couple of technique,brushes and negative effect. It's looks so deep yet sexy. Oh come on! in this wallpaper means you need to do something useful and great right now. Enjoy it guys

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Furuba Kyo, The Cute Yellow Cat

Furuba Kyo, that's what I know about the picture, yeah not much but it's cute, should probably ask Michiru, whether this is one of her newest works or just one of those "Just a picture" Well enough said, You can tell that it's some kind of cat, maybe this cat got a special power on him, maybe fire ball. I shall ask Michiru. Thanks.

Minato is Singing

This is a comic strip that michiru made for persona 3 fan art. she really likes persona games in playstation 2, but me as her brother,like persona 2 in psone better than persona series in ps2.
But enjoy it anyways, it's quite funny, at least cute enough to make you smile, haha I see you smiling right now

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paint It Rough DOLL Wallpaper

Hi guys, how have tou been, it's been a long week, this time I try to post my own (Ash) art in this blog, not michiru's japanese art but more of an experimental art. this is a picture of a cute Doll that i found on the internet sometime ago, I trace it and make it looks just like a sketch, and here we goes, a grunge doll poster/wallpaper. enjoy !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michi on her new Pink Jacket !

Hiyaaa, this blog is becoming more crowded today, thanks 4 all of your blogwalking guys. I will try to be more ACTIVE from now on
Okay, this is the picture of Michiru wearing a pink Jacket, this Pink Jacket is quiet fenomenal for our family, in Indonesia, you can find a place called "AWUL AWUL", this is the place for anyone who interested for a second handed Eqipment such as boots,jacket,hat,Trouser,T-shirt with a really CHEAP Price, Michi got this Jacket under 6$, well what can i Say this is "FENOMENAL"

haha.thanks for viewing and enjoy

Pet Edge - Distant Pet chapter III released

At last the long awaited manga series Pet Edge Distant Pet chapter 3 are out. We really apologize for the lack of motivation that bring us here in animegamecomicaw, cause this whole year have been a busy year for us. so, we will try to update this blog more and more from now on. ENjoy mate

plot :
This time. Akao is staying in Nobu's House, and akao has been told by zere that he stayed in a place called Runa's Pet Shop, so Akao is intended to go there but ! something TERRiBLE is happening !!!!! READ the whole PAGES !!!

from top to bottom, page 1-6

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi everyone, This is The new Ash and Michi Picture from now on.This is a cute illustration of's resemble the "CATS", miaaauuuw. Ash is the on left side and Michi is on the right side.

Monday, November 24, 2008

D-Grayman Sets 1

Here we, sorry for the late post of this images.
This are artworks by michi for the famous Anime/Manga Series D-Grayman.
Enjoy these. Sorry for the late post. kind a busy again ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Sadistic Couple

well here we go, this is an example of strange but romantic relationship between Mitsuru and Akihiko. They are matching each other, Mitsuru is though but really sensitive and Akihiko is cool and impatience. From top to bottom, Akihiko is showinh his new Boxing Glove, nice, next, is a romancing picture of the couple, but the third picture is quite funny, Akihiko is tied to Mitsuru by a small rope. a little bit creepy really ^_^

Akihiko Set

aiiih , Akihiko is so cuuuuttteeee !!!! whether in his school uniform or in his boxing cape, so cute, love. but this character is just as cool as Minato, but that;s okay. Akihiko is really talented in boxing sport.

Smiling Ai and The Vacant Expression of Minato

another Ai and Mina chan, they really match as a couple i think! what do u think?

Ai is smiling and Minato as usual looks really cool but vacant expression. Enjoy

Monday, November 17, 2008


Minato plays harmonica besides Aigis, aigis looks very interested with the harmonica tunes. Minato can play harmonica quite good!

Aigis Set 1

Here they are a set of Aigis sketch by michi. have a look 
From up to bottom

- Chibi Aigis in normal clothes
- Aigis in highschool uniform
- Aigis in highschool uniform 2, her eyes is so beautiful