Thursday, October 4, 2007

comic - Hair exchange

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Michiru has just created a strip manga guys, here is 2 pages comic strip called "Hair Exchange", this one is inspired by the infamous manga Full Metal Alchemist. Have a take look.

comic - How to defeat star shaman

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ok all of you, this is one page comic called "How to defeat star shaman ", it's inspired from anime/manga shaman king. enjoy

Own self sketch Just a picture

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ok , this one is michiru own self sketch charater art, she really wants to created a manga based on her own self and her friends in form of cutes char, well let's hope that she creates it.

Pet edge Distant Pet sketch(cover)

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guys, here is a sketch art made for distant pet, well maybe you might call it a manga cover, call it whatever you wish, there are lila, zere, ichizen and akao, distant pet chapter 3 still in progress, i hope that i can release it a couple next day just wait guys.