Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michi on her new Pink Jacket !

Hiyaaa, this blog is becoming more crowded today, thanks 4 all of your blogwalking guys. I will try to be more ACTIVE from now on
Okay, this is the picture of Michiru wearing a pink Jacket, this Pink Jacket is quiet fenomenal for our family, in Indonesia, you can find a place called "AWUL AWUL", this is the place for anyone who interested for a second handed Eqipment such as boots,jacket,hat,Trouser,T-shirt with a really CHEAP Price, Michi got this Jacket under 6$, well what can i Say this is "FENOMENAL"

haha.thanks for viewing and enjoy

Pet Edge - Distant Pet chapter III released

At last the long awaited manga series Pet Edge Distant Pet chapter 3 are out. We really apologize for the lack of motivation that bring us here in animegamecomicaw, cause this whole year have been a busy year for us. so, we will try to update this blog more and more from now on. ENjoy mate

plot :
This time. Akao is staying in Nobu's House, and akao has been told by zere that he stayed in a place called Runa's Pet Shop, so Akao is intended to go there but ! something TERRiBLE is happening !!!!! READ the whole PAGES !!!

from top to bottom, page 1-6