Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Sadistic Couple

well here we go, this is an example of strange but romantic relationship between Mitsuru and Akihiko. They are matching each other, Mitsuru is though but really sensitive and Akihiko is cool and impatience. From top to bottom, Akihiko is showinh his new Boxing Glove, nice, next, is a romancing picture of the couple, but the third picture is quite funny, Akihiko is tied to Mitsuru by a small rope. a little bit creepy really ^_^

Akihiko Set

aiiih , Akihiko is so cuuuuttteeee !!!! whether in his school uniform or in his boxing cape, so cute, love. but this character is just as cool as Minato, but that;s okay. Akihiko is really talented in boxing sport.

Smiling Ai and The Vacant Expression of Minato

another Ai and Mina chan, they really match as a couple i think! what do u think?

Ai is smiling and Minato as usual looks really cool but vacant expression. Enjoy