Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Hentai Anime Labels Fight illegal download

The adult anime labels Critical Mass Video and Adult Source Media announced that they have been joining forces to fight unauthorized net distribution of their licensed properties. According to the announcement, that includes streaming, direct "rips" of their DVDs, and illegal sales. as an allies we all fans should join them to fight this illegal activities !

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Gaia Online First Short Animation

Gaia Online, one of the "world's most active online community," has posted the first animated short based on the game plot. "MMVII Part One: White Eclipse" continues the story that the site's artists, many of whom were part of Studio XD (Udon's Street Fighter, X-Men: Evolution, Robotech comics), have been drawing in webcomic format. just wait for the next news

During this week Genenon laid off a few sales staff

due transition to ADV Films handling its sales and marketing, last Friday, Geneon Entertainment USA already laid off a few starff about five employees from its sales team, and about to laid off several more this week from marketing. Genenon formerly consist of 39 employess but by the end of the week Geneon will have laid off more than 20% of its staff.

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