Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Dark Horse has announce two items that they’ll be announcing at the Diamond Retailer Summit currently being held in Baltimore. in 2008 first is Starwars Vector,the crossover starwars comic that tell story about a character that will travel into all of 4 starwars comic, second is Hellboy. all will be release next year

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Neogeo infamous title will land on usa wii

in this eralier year, nintendo japan has given a signal that they intended to land the classic neogeo into wii their nextgen console.However, there was no word on whether or not such offerings would be made available internationally until now. the game will be playable through WII virtual console downloadable. SNK Playmore today announced that it would indeed be bringing NeoGeo games to the North American Virtual Console, beginning with a trio of the system's earliest fighting games. Fatal Fury is the first installment in the brawling Bogard brothers' saga, which has recently seen a rash of rereleases with Fatal Fury Battle Archives on the PlayStation 2 and Fatal Fury Special on the Xbox 360's Live Arcade. Tokyo-based D4Enterprise will manage the release of the games onto the Virtual Console, but SNK Playmore said more titles will definitely follow "in the coming months." An SNK Playmore representative told GameSpot the first titles will appear by the end of the year, and they are expected to sell for 900 Wii points ($9) each.

Conan The Barbarian XBOX 360 and PC release according schedule

The infamous barbarian will no longer be a dream, "Looks like I will see you in hell sooner than planned!" quote from, will be releases September 28 in the US and the UK. remember, do not confuse this with Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures developed by Funcom, which is due out for the PC and Xbox 360 next year. just be patient fellas

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Ikigami manga go to real life

Young Sunday has just announce that they will adapt the Motaro Mase's manga Ikigami into a movie somewhere in 2008, we will see about that.

OVA 2 from series Sosei No Aquarion releases

Media Factory has just announced that OVA 2 Sosei No Aquon will be released22 November in japan, this will be the second and final of the series.

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