Sunday, September 23, 2007

3 kingdom hearts title land on psp,nds,mobile phone

squareenix announced that there will be 3 new original KH games
the first title is Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, which is a full-3D game, features both single-player and multiplayer missions for release on Nintendo DS.

second title is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, is a single-player RPG for PSP liken to previous PS2

and the third title will be downgraded to cell phone, the title will be Kingdom Hearts: Coded

I don't know when but, i think it will be around 2008 summer

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Oshii's Female Tachigui Sequel's Trailer

The sponsor DEIZ and the promotion company Orca Vision have posted the trailer for Mamoru Oshii's latest live-action film collaboration, Shin-Onna Tachiguishi Retsuden (True Female Tachigui: The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters), in small and large resolutions online. The film anthology about seven women from different walks of life opens in Japan from November 10 to November 30, with a September 3 preview showing and a screening at October's 20th Tokyo International Film Festival.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch animerimanga review

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #86

By David Rasmussen
14th Sep 07

This week we’re focusing a batch of reviews on the people over at Archie Comics. Americana with a twang of AmeriManga here and there.

For the past few years, Archie Comics has been slowly but surely reinventing itself from the ground up in several interesting ways. Manga style Sabrina, a new 21st look for Betty & Veronica, a 2nd Sonic title. Still not quite enough innovation (more is always welcome) but a good start of things if I do say so myself.
These are the reviews for a new month of titles.

If you remember Sabrina from prior to Issue #58 then you probably would never have thought of ever picking up the title. Why? Probably because way back then, if memory serves, it was a spin-off visually of the Animated Sabrina series (for a time). Sure, previously (if you remember Sabrina from Archie titles Double Digests, you know Sabrina had it’s own look… it’s just that once the Animated Series came out the comic version eventually followed suit to take on that look. And, well, if you had any past experience with animated series turn comics then you know for the most part they are not very exciting (or interesting).

But that was way back when, this is now.
As part of the ever (yet slow) “evolution” of Archie Comics, Sabrina received a complete overhaul as of Issue #58 with a new “manga” inspired look. However just widening the eyes of the characters into a Shojo manga style look isn’t a manga evolution make. Maybe a boost of story blood might do better.
Flashforward about 3 or so years from the launch of “manga” Sabrina and we find the world of Sabrina is slowly tethering towards a possible generational civil war between the young and older generation.
Word is the mana tree is dying, and the Queen of the magical world is blamed for this as she seems to be covering up the tree’s death. So it seems a group of young wizards and witches (Sabrina included) have taken it upon themselves to possibly overthrow the queen (without the magical council or other adults loyal to the queen learning about it). Sure signs of a mystical civil war on the horizon.

Of course if this alone wasn’t enough of a problem for Sabrina it turns out her relationship with Harvey (from which a so-so term spin-off Archie Comics imprint comic company came from) is sinking fast after she told him about her magic powers. So maybe a trip to Harvey’s grandparents will be the surefire cure for their relationship woes… unless it’s a good chance for Harvey’s evil stepmom to totally throw a large crowbar into the slowly devolving relationship to break it up utterly Stephanine Forrester style (the (bleep))!

So as the issue ends Sabrina is already bummed… won’t help any that Sabrina is trying again to gather proof positive of the “death” of the Mana Tree next issue, which may or may not end her life (which might be a mercy now that she’s in such a downer over breaking up with Harvey by force).

Sabrina’s manga-fication, apparently, wasn’t just visual. With a new breath into the storyline (making it stronger, ongoing, and interesting) it looks like Sabrina will be another good title for your pick-up list from the Archie Comics line. 4 magical visitations from Dr. Phil (for Sabrina) out of 5.

-- David Rasmussen 14th Sep 07
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