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Comic Books

Even with the advent of electronic gaming and high technology alternatives, comic books still have the same appeal as they did thirty years ago – collectors of all ages go crazy buying and preserving them, and fans still love their uncomplicatedness. Read on to find out more about how the comic books we know today came to be, and see why millions of comic collectors just can’t get enough.

Origin of comic books

The comic book story has two versions: some say that the first comics were made by Egyptians in the early days through wall art and other paintings, while other comic historians say the first comics were ‘comic strips’ – those three to four frames of short skits we see illustrated in newspapers.

The United States first saw comic books in 1896, around the time that publishing houses started pulling together comic strips from different newspapers and putting them into one book. The sales of these rather primitive comic books skyrocketed, prompting publishers to come up with fresh stories and characters in a comic format.

The comic book as we know it today – a soft cover glossy magazine type – gained popularity in the 1930’s, when Action Comics introduced Superman to the world. Superman did so well that different publishers eventually created many other comic book characters, some are very popular to this day.

Types of comic books

Comic books today cover an assortment of subjects – there are even different genres, such as horror, sci-fi, fantasy, crime and real life. The format of comic books has changed over the years, and continues to change. There are now ‘graphic novels,’ that are thicker and more heavily bound. Graphic novels are comics with more mature content. Graphic novels can also be compilations of comic series.

Web comics are gaining popularity. This refers to both comic strips and comic books found on the Internet.

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veronika wallpaper

this is wallpaper of the resident of vinnswood. vinnswood is our fictional woods which is located in front of veronika's house, it means that veronika need to enter this woods just to get into her house. left side is Hinterpock, middle side are trio pink rabbit starting from up to bottom pinka,pinki,pinko then right side from up to bottom Harp, Huyayubi, Ottenobi

Rana Jessica, Veronika,and others

original character from our project. left side are viored and flicca, middle side is Hinterpock, and right side are Diana, Nukuke, Jessica Rana.

snow girl

Veronika with her dogs teddy and bowie, teddy is the big one and bowie is the small one. it's snowy out there.


this is the wallpaper of rion and his friend, from left to right Muffy, Rion, Flicca

Choosing The Correct Comic Book Storage Box

Most Comic Book Storage Boxes are super strong and come with sturdy well-fitting lids and handle holes that can be left in the closed position for storing or pushed open for carrying. They are properly sized to hold a comic in a bag with a backing board. Comic Book divider cards (used for categorizing) fit in most comic book boxes with the lid on. Comic Book Storage boxes ship flat which takes up less storage room and they fold together when you are ready to use them without glue or tape.

Storing your comics in a properly sized box helps protect your comics from corner and edge damage. Putting your comics in a comic box also protects the comic from being exposed to ultra-violet light and Ultra-violet light causes inks to fade. Most comic book boxes are made form either Corrugated Plastic or Corrugated Cardboard and come in several different lengths for your various storage and display needs.

Comic storage boxes do not need to be acid-free if you have your comics in bags.
For short tern storage the most popular material choice for comic storage boxes is corrugated cardboard. It is sturdy and reasonably priced. Corrugated plastic comic boxes are an excellent choice for long-term comic storage because the material is acid-free, water proof, vermin resistant and extremely strong. They are more expensive than the corrugated comic boxes, but the material properties of the plastic corrugated material make the extra cost worth the investment for long term archival comic storage.

Fantastic wallpaper

this is original character from "Fantastic Swirdle". Up is Kuroi the dark wizard, and the bottom is Olba a nurse.


Peruvian wallpaper. you can see that veronika's hair is a little bit different from before, she had it twisted. from up to bottom Teddy, bowie, Free(veronika's bag with bunny face), veronika with her new hairstyle, Triva the butterfly, and last Yukiko (from just pic 6)

A Few Tips About Comic Book Backing Boards

Comic Book Backing Boards come in different thicknesses and acid-free properties. The basic purpose for using a backing board is to give the comic some stiffness, which helps keep the comic pages from bending, creasing or wrinkling. When a backing is placed in the center of the comic it protects the comic book spine from crushing. The second purpose for using a backing board in a comic is its potential to neutralize acid in the comic book paper.

Acid in the paper that the comic is printed can cause the deterioration of the comic. Using an acid-free backing in your comic can potentially trap and neautralize acid in the paper. The three types of comic backing boards we offer are: Economy comic book backings, Standard acid-free comic book backings and Archival comic backings.

The economy comic backing should be used for short-term storage and stiffening purposes only. It does contain acid and can contribute to the breakdown of the comic. People generally use this board for quick sale items. The standard acid-free comic backing material is acid-free and can be used for long-term storage (over 100 years). The archival comic backing material is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate, which means that it will remain archival for 100's of years. Our comic backing boards are sized to properly fit into our comic bags.

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just a wallpaper about our original character from our project well you can say that they are celebrating Happy New Year of 2007, hahaha a happy wallpaper just for your PC


a Harvest moon : Back to nature wallpaper. michiru drew it so cute!.


a Full Metal Alchemist Wallpaper by michiru. well there is a little mistake in alphonse, just compare it with the manga/comic


a Full Metal Alchemist Wallpaper by michiru. hey it's snowy.


a Full Metal Alchemist Wallpaper by michiru. let's go picnic then !.


a Full Metal Alchemist Wallpaper by michiru. A lot of character.


this is wallpaper of Fleo one of our original character in our future project. it has an ability to summon fire.


this is wallpaper of "Fantastic swirdle" our next project

Just a picture 8

one of Michiru's next project called "Fantastic Swirdle". This is a picture about "enemy" in Fantastic swirdle. You can see that they have it's different form in each level. Just "wait" for this Fantastic swirdle project only in this blog.

Just a picture 7

just a meaningless picture, up left is Cathy (somekind of witch cat), up middle is (without color) Levi(somekind of squirrel with weird tail), up right is bozura (somekind of vampire hamster ???), down right is Tigora (somekind of fusion between dog and baby tiger hmm..cute), and down left is Rana with her umbrella named fuyuza.

Just a picture 6

just a meaningless picture, left is Rana (chinesse panda with martial art ability), in the middle Yukiko and Triva, and then girl in the right picture is Narumi and Hissope (somekind of a rhino).

Just a picture 5

this is the full color of veronika, veronika surely is a cheerful little girl, you can see that rion is hanging and sleeping onto veronika. so cute...

Just a picture 4

this is a crossover anime and game picture that i drew several months ago. there are Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, and Winry Rockbell from one of famous anime Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa, and then there are Sora and Kairi from Ps2 Game Kingdom Hearts from square enix , then Hyuga Neji from Famous Anime/manga Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, and the last is Kosuke Ueki from Anime/manga Law of ueki by Fukuchi Tsubasa. They are having a great great party tonite.

Just a picture 3

this is veronika with earth element costume. I've got the inspiration from shadow heart 2 : covenant from gepetto's doll named Cornelia.

Just a picture 2

Those are Veronika and Rion, my original creation from my head, Veronika is a cute little girl, and Rion is veronika's pet, it's somekind of fusion between cat and squirrel. You can check the wallpaper to see rion and his friends in full color.

Just a picture 1

This is Blanca, one of my favorite character from ps2 game Shadow Heart 2 : Covenant. Actually i was planning to use this pic as my avatar at friendster but i decided not to.