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The History of Green Lantern Comic Books

Green Lantern, the famous fictional superhero, is one name I am sure you all must be aware of. Hal Jordan and Gil Kane were among the most popular.

Now, the super power of these superheroes comes from the “power ring” they posses. They get control over the material world with the help of this “power ring” but they need to have their willpower also.

One may wonder about the roots of their existence. So, this article focuses on their history and how the Green Lantern came into being.

When and how were they created?

The birth date of Green Lantern dates back to the year 1940 with creation of the first superhero – Alan Scott, who was crafted by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger. Green Lantern came into existence after World War II.

Super Hero Comics book sales declined after the World War II and then DC Comics Universe stopped publishing Alan Scott Green Lantern’s new adventures.

But then at the commencement of the “Silver Age of Comics books”, Julius Schwartz, editor of DC, and Kane, the artist, revived the Green Lantern as a completely new character and a new series of Green Lantern came into existence.

History Of Their Publication Golden Era

The Golden Era of Green Lantern dates back to the days of the first super hero, Alan Scott. This superhero created by Martin, was the first to make its presence felt in the All-American Publications’ publishing “All-American Comics#16”, the Golden Age of comic books in the month of July’1940.

The super hero, Alan Scott was an engineer who possessed a ‘magic’ lantern which had to be charged once in every twenty four hours by contacting it with a lantern. It even had its limitations, among those that is it could not work on wood.

Then there was a twist in the journey of Alan Scott. All of a sudden, he became a movie star in May 1942 with the film, The Gun for Hire. Subsequently, a few other super heroes followed and in the year 1951, the characters appeared for the last time in All Star Comics #57. This marked the end of the Golden Era. Revival: Silver Era

In the late years of 1950s, DC comics moved on from the Golden Era of Green Lantern and there came along the “Silver Age of comic books”. DC Comics’ competitors tried their hands on reviving the Golden Age while the former moved on with their creativity and gave birth to new characters which could gel well with the modern age and times.

Now, the new character that followed was Hal Jordan who was a pilot and he inherited the ‘magic’ ring from Abin Sur, an alien who was dying. From there started this adventurous journey. He then became the member of an interstellar group of police, the Green Lantern Corps who were, in turn, guided by the Custodians of the Universe.

The above facts were intended to provide a concise history of the legendary Green Lantern. Their conception was truly an amazing addition to the world of comics.

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