Saturday, September 8, 2007

Interview with TOKYOPOP Publisher Mike Kiley

Pop culture news site ICv2 recently got the chance to interview TOKYOPOP publisher Mike Kiley about the growth of manga, and TOKYOPOP's place in the manga market. The interview is divided into three parts, each dealing with various manga-related topics. Here's a brief excerpt:

Can you talk a little about some of the components of that growth--specifically we're interested in your thoughts on different rates of growth between Japanese, Korean and original English language content.

That's a really interesting question. I don't know that I typically look at it in quite those terms. Cleary the blockbusters in the category continue to be extremely well-known Japanese licenses. Even more specifically, they tend to be more often than not to be Japanese licenses that have multiple incarnations across different formats. I think specifically the Naruto's and Fruits Basket's and Tsubasa's continue to be the market leaders in terms of unit sales. I believe the growth in those areas is still significant--every new volume in each of those really high profile series tends to chart a little higher than it did before, so I think there's a lot of growth there.

You can read the entire interview at the following links:

Part 1: The over-all manga market and its breakdown by country of origin.

Part 2: Manga releases coming up this fall, the market in Japan, and digital distribution.

Part 3: TOKYOPOP's fiction program, the differences between Japanese light fiction and the U.S. market, and what’s next after Fruits Basket.

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