Saturday, August 25, 2007

You've Watched Too Much Anime...Two!

Most likely, you’ve seen these lists before, showcasing what random things people may do when they see too much of one particular anime series. Well, since I’ve returned with new anime to be seen, and popular demand, I bring you…

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Anime when…Part II!

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much .hack//SIGN When…

1. You claim you cannot log out.
2. You try to find some odd creature to do your bidding for you.
3. You lie…in bed…all day…
4. You put on a Viking helmet, claming you’re a member of the Crimson Knights.
5. You claim to LEAD the Crimson Knights.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Case Closed When…

1. You claim to be a teenager trapped in a six year old’s body.
2. You solve crimes every day, and I mean EVERY day, whether it be something as major as a murder or as small as a cookie thief.
3. You wear large glasses not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to.
4. You’re the best detective around, yet you never remember how you solved the crimes to begin with.
5. You are planning a riot against Adult Swim for removing Case Closed, despite low ratings.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Elfen Lied When…

1. You wear fake horns on your head, claming to be a Silpelit or Diclonius.
2. If a vase or something like that happens to fall over, you immediately apologize, claming you haven’t gained full control of your vectors yet.
3. You refuse to say anything other than “Nyuu”.
4. You’re bent on destroying all mankind.
5. You claim to have an alter ego that kills people, and can only be reverted when hit in the head.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Eureka Seven When…

1. You get a surfboard and try to surf on thin air, only to crash to the ground.
2. You fall in love with a boy/girl without knowing a thing about them. (Wait…that can happen, regardless…)
3. You claim you can “hear” the voices of random objects, including the TV, toaster, computer, airplanes, anything normally inanimate.
4. You named your pet Gulliver.
5. If someone had a weird dream, you promptly ask “What did you see in the zone?!?!”

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much FLCL When…

1. You name any given person/animal you see “Ta-kun”.
2. You hit people over the head with an electric guitar, in hopes of random items coming out.
3. You try to grow a robot out of your head, in hopes of having it do your bidding.
4. You hate school because it doesn’t have a “Learn to play guitar in one millisecond” class.
5. You use a cat (or other pet) as means for communication.

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much InuYasha When…

1. You attempt to pin yourself to a tree via an arrow.
2. You have a necklace with you at all times, and when people try to look at it, you scream about how it’s the Shikon Jewel and how it must not fall into the wrong hands.
3. You yell “SIT, BOY!” when someone annoys you, in hopes of them falling to the ground.
4. You draw a circle on your hand, in hopes of sucking anything and everything in.
5. You wear a feather boa on your shoulder, in hopes to look like Sesshoumaru.

And, finally…

You Know You’ve Watched Too Much Naruto When…

1. You claim to have the spirit of a vengeful fox (or another animal of your choice) sealed within you.
2. You are on a mission to kill Uchiha Itachi.
3. When you experience deja-vu, you say “Oh, Naruto must be going through another filler”.
4. You read “Make-Out Paradise”, or another erotic manga of your choice.
5. You have…an unnatural…ramen fetish…

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