Saturday, August 25, 2007

Train Your Brain and Improve Vision and Focus with the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS does more than give you cute dogs to play with; it actually can help you exercise your brain and improve your vision. You’ll need the right software to get started.

For exercising your noodle, choose Brain Age. This program asks you a series of questions – answer honestly and no cheating! It compiles your answers and comes up with a Brain Age score. A combination of voice recognition, touch screen answers, as well as entry speed and accuracy make taking the Brain Age challenge fun and interactive. You can even team up with other Nintendo DS users and have a friendly competition.

Activities include playing the piano, counting out change, making simple drawings, writing words, solving problems, and more. These fun activities stimulate and challenge your gray matter. Spend a few minutes each day training your brain.

Once you’re as smart as Einstein, it’s time to work on your klutziness. Want to increase hand and eye coordination? Choose Flash Focus for Nintendo DS consoles. You may have to wait before shopping for this software in the UK as it hasn’t hit the shelves just yet. But early reviews say that Flash Focus is sure to be a hit. This nifty program tests and challenges your hand and eye coordination, peripheral vision, eye agility, and reaction time. This vision training technology has been used by athletes to improve their vision and aim. When you have this technology installed on your Nintendo DS, you too can improve your vision, focus, and overall athletic prowess.

Both of these Nintendo DS video games are designed to stimulate your thinking and improve your skills. You should actively play these games every day and keep your skills in top-notch condition. Before you know it, you’ll be smart and coordinated!