Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do Video Games Lead to Violence or Not?

Like the debate that has been raging for years on whether violence in movies and T.V. causes violent behavior in people, especially our youth seems to have spilled over onto the video game industry. And like the difference in opinions being debated over violence in the movie and T.V. industry, the argument over violence in video games has split into two camps. One camp say's that violent video games definitely is a catalyst in causing more violent behavior in people; especially kids. While the other camp say's there is no correlation between watching violent video games and violent behavior.

Remarkably, both sides agree that some video games have educational value while others are very helpful with aiding the sick, especially in physical therapy. While they do acknowledge the benefits to humanity, the naysayer's are quick to point out that the best selling video games have always been and will always be the games that promise sex and violence. Although there is a rating system for video games similar to the movie and T.V. industry, studies have shown that ratings that exclude children tend to draw them to those forbidden games like moths to a flame.

Studies done in 2001 show that of the 70 top selling video games that were reviewed, 49 percent of them contained serious violence. While opponents of video games are quick to point out that the two teenagers that committed mass-murder at Columbine High School were avid players of the violent video game Doom. The proponents of video games can point out any number of teenagers that play violent video games who are outstanding students and citizens. There was a study done of 75 people who played a violent video game on an average of about 60 hours in a month's time. The conclusion showed that there was absolutely zero escalation of violent behavior in the 75 participants during that time.

In conclusion, this writer finds that the "war" between the proponents and opponents of violent video games will rage on for years to come. Studies will continue to be done by both sides in an attempt to discredit each others conclusions and in the end, all they will succeed in doing is confuse the public. I believe that if a person is going to commit a violent act, then that person already had the propensity to commit violence all along. Where violent video games are sometimes blamed as being the catalyst for violent acts being committed, who is to really say it was not something else. Charles Manson blamed it on the Beatles song "Helter Skelter", while the "Son of Sam," David Berkowitz blamed it on a black Lab named "Sam." In the end, as long as children develop moral values and are given guidance and love by their parents or parent, then all of the violent video games in the world would not have a negative affect on them. GAME ON!

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