Monday, August 27, 2007

Video Game Regulations on Content

Should we allow the Government to regulate video games? Should we let the industry self-regulate? Do you as a parent regulate the video game content of your children? Have you considered any of this? Well, recently in an online think tank we did and there are many sides to the issue indeed.

Industry regulation may not be such a hot idea, but in my opinion government regulation is far worse. Not because I dislike government but because they do nothing very well and because they change their minds based on politicians faster than the wind changes directions all based on the latest news polls. And well government has just proven to be too corruptible; that is to say Adam Smith ‘invisible hand’ or Ayn Rand discussions.

Taking responsibility for your kids and their information intake is wise and it is the correct way to handle it, even if you cannot always be there, at least you lay the proper ground rules and foundation. Just think if we could get every parent to do that? Do you regulate the content you children view? Should you? How about your friends? What do they do? Do they regulate their children? Do you kids play with their kids? How much shielding from the world should or can you do? Consider all this in 2006.

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