Monday, August 27, 2007

The History of Fantastic 4 Comic Books

The Fantastic 4 Comic Book was first published in 1961 in the First issue of the Fantastic 4 Comic Book. The comic book series was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Fantastic 4 Comics currently calls the Baxter Building as its current base of operations, located at the Four Freedom Plaza.

The superheroes of the Fantastic Four Series were both family and friends who were exposed to cosmic rays during an accident in outer space.

The team is made up of Mr. Fantastic or Reed Richards, a scientific genius who is also team leader and can stretch his body. Next is Susan Richards she is The Invisible Woman and Reed Richards’ wife, second in command.

We then have Susan’s brother Johnny Storm also known as The Human Torch. Finally, we have Ben Grimm, friend and known as The Thing.

The team gets new leaders when Storm, the former leader of the X-Men and her mate The Black Panther, who is the King of the African Nation. Storm can control the weather while The Black Panther has superhuman senses, super strength, speed, stamina, and agility.

The Fantastic 4 Comic Book characters are known for their loving, if often messed up family, unlike many of the other superheroes surrounding them. They are also known for their celebrity status and petty disputes.

Fantastic 4 Comic Book is known to have a major impact in the ascension of Marvel Comic’s from small time publication to an Entertainment Mogul. The Fantastic 4 Comic Book evolved into a well-watched cartoon series, and then finally onto the Big Screen in 2005. The Fantastic 4 Comic Book has had its ups and downs in the Comic Book Industry but continues moving forward.

In the third issue of the Fantastic 4 Comics, it named itself The Greatest Comic Magazine in the World! Jack Kirby designed the cover art though the inker was unconfirmed.

During a controversial golf game, the publisher of Marvel and members of DC Comics talked over that, though DC was successful, Marvel was outselling their top Character Series.

Stan Lee wanted characters that real people could relate to, so with help from Kirby, the Fantastic 4 Comic Book was made. The comic series continued to make history as the members of the Fantastic 4 team showed true family characteristics and even brought baby Benjamin Franklin Richards into the picture in 1968 in the Four Annual series number 6. The baby development in turn lead to Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman taking a leave and Storm and The Black Panther taking over.

The plot of the Fantastic 4 Comics evolved farther with Sue and Reed loosing a baby and then Sue’s brother Johnny falling in love with the Thing’s past girlfriend, Alicia Masters.

Johnny and Alicia fall in love and eventually marry, causing a deep and long standing rift between The Thing and Johnny. The Thing eventually quit the Fantastic 4 and then She-Hulk was brought in to replace him for a long time.

The plot of the Fantastic 4 Comic Book took even more twists and turns after the Thing returned and his current girlfriend mutated into a female Thing and himself mutated even more. The Fantastic 4 Comic Book continues to provide the much needed and loved characteristics of having real people portrayed in superhuman circumstances.

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