Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About French And Belgian Comics

by: Anthony Benjamin

Comics And Comic Books - France and Belgium are two countries with a long history of comics and comic books. They are called Bande Dessinée in French. Belgian comic books on the other hand were first printed in Dutch are greatly influenced by Francophone comics, but still have their very unique style.

La bande dessinée comes from the sentence: art form as drawn strips which is literally translated as the drawn strip. It's English equivalent, the word "bande" can be both film and comics. It's not insignificant the French term comic contains no indication of subject matter, unlike the American term "comic," which implies a form of art not to be taken seriously.

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Relative to the size of their populations, the innumerable authors that are in France and Belgium publish a vary high number of Franco-Belgian comics. In North America, the Franco-Belgian comics are a lot more serious and are often seen to be graphic novels.

In France, comics are mostly published at the behest of the author, working in a self-appointed time frame. It's not uncommon for readers to wait as long as six months or two years between installments. In those countries comic books are first published as with hard covers, and typically with 48 or 64 pages.

Personally I would not want to wait that long for a comic book to see how the story will end. As a typical American I want it now, even my laughs.

~Anthony Benjamin~

clip about one of french popular comic,and movie : spirou fantasio